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What is the difference between conventional implants and mini implants?

If you are struggling with a missing or failing tooth, and you’re considering dental implants, the good news is that you’re in excellent hands when you work with Dr. Cradduck. He places and restores both conventional dental implants and mini implants.

A dental implant is the ideal option for replacing a missing tooth because it restores both your root and your tooth. A titanium post placed into your jawbone during surgery takes the place of your root. It will naturally integrate with your bone over time because titanium is biocompatible. This creates a firm foundation for your new porcelain crown, which replaces your tooth.

A mini implant works the same as a conventional implant, except that it’s smaller. It’s able to support the same restorations as a traditional implant, including a crown, dental bridge, or even a denture. Mini implants require less healthy bone structure to support them, so they’re often ideal for patients who may not have been a candidate for conventional implants in the past. They’re also typically less expensive.

Dr. Cradduck can help determine which type of implant will best suit your needs, and he can guide you through the treatment process from start to finish. Give Hagerstown Family Dental a call today to learn more about dental implants.